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Finding Time to Read

Page history last edited by Teri Lesesne 12 years, 11 months ago


Finding Time to Read

An average reader can read 300 wpm so…

15 minutes a day=4500 words

7 days a week=31, 500 words

52 weeks a year= 1,512,000 words a year


The average book=75,000 words so…

We can read an average of 20 books a year in 15 minutes a day

That is over 1000 books in our lifetime just with 15 minutes



Finding time to read, part 2

What effect does reading have on vocabulary?

0 words= 0% growth

100,000 words=  50% growth

400,000 words=  60% growth

1,000,000 words=  80% growth

2,000,000 words=  90% growth


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