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Sandbox for Historical Ladders

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 This Newbery and Coretta Scott King Honor Book tells of young Elijah, the first free born child born of slaves who escaped via the Underground Railroad to Buxton, Canada.   This book would make an excellent choice for a read aloud (and there is also an incredible and award-winning audio version of the book) or independent reading for tween and young teens.  Topics and themes that could form a ladder include: slavery, family, struggles against oppression, trust and betrayal, humor, and more.


Shauna Burg's novel, set in Mississippi in 1`963 tells of Addie Ann and her community which is torn apart when a wealthy citizen leaves property for ALL the residents to share.  What is meant to unite a town instead sets off a series of events that will lead to serious consequences.  Topics and themes to be considered include: Jim Crow lawas, segregation, family, coming of age, trust and betrayal, and more.


Notice that this is actually the cover from the audio version  of the novel.  Read by Ossie Davis, the audio brings to life the story of a slave.  Never mind his name, he is simply a number to his owner.  However, when a runaway slave enters the life of Number 47, all will change.  No mere runaway slave, this Tall John has some secretsof his own that will change 47's life.


How would you arrange these books on a ladder?  What is the bottom rung?  The top?  Why?  What other titles suggest themselves as additions?




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