Instead of a standard reader's guide for the book, I thought it might be more useful to create a working space where you and I could create new information collaboratively.  After all, part of the concept of reading ladders is to have students take more control of their reading and learning.  So, together, we can create some new ladders.  There is a page here where you can post questions for me  to answer.  I have also included some pages with themes for possible ladders:  betrayal, love, graphic novels, picture books, and more.  You can suggest other themes and topics for future ladders, too.  The wonderful thing about a wiki is that it is a work in progress. It can continue to grow and change.  So, come back and visit again.  Leave suggestions for future topics and themes and ladders.  Pose questions.  You can also contact me directly @ terilesesne@gmail.com


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